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Almost Ready for the Campaign!!!

I am working on the video that will be a part of this campaign. The video is done as well as the music (it was SO fun to make the music) are done. I need to write a script so that my Dad can be the talker. I really like this idea because my Dad has a dominant voice, and he has wanted to learn how to become a narrator.

I can't wait to put this video on YouTube and then showing all of you exactly what this company is going to do. The idea for this company is to make brushes and pens that will work both for canvas painting and digital painting. We would be the first company to make such a thing. I even have a patent for this idea.

Months ago, I learned that there is only one size brush for digital painting. This means that you can change the size of the brush in your software, like Photoshop, but you don't have a wider brush in your hands. To me, this means that my hands and my brain aren't align. My hands and my brain aren't doing the same thing. If we had different digital brushes, then we could make images and art much more natural. I believe that having this natural and align painting will make these images both faster and more substantial for each image we make.

Right now, I am doing a class that is showing me how to make the best campaign I can make. This isn't an easy class, because this campaign uses a lot of unique abilities, like photography, music, a lot of writing, and differently a lot of organization. I think that soon I will be ready to start this campaign.

Please know that I will tell you exactly what is happening as things happen. I already have two people interested/subscribed for this website and that is before I have even promoted this website. I think we can really make this happen.

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