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Campaign lately

I was thinking about why I have gotten little for this campaign so far, and then I thought that right now, it's hard for so many of us to have money for food. I can't ask for these people to give me extra money when there isn't any extra money for anybody right now. Maybe I should do something else until our economy goes back to what it was. I have other things that I can do, and I am always very thankful for everything that I have right now, including having a home, a husband, an incredible family, and a few of friends that I would do anything for. I like to say thankful things throughout each day because I don't like victims and when you say thankful thoughts; it is very hard to be a victim. Again, I am very interested in your thoughts about this campaign and why I am not getting donations. If you know why my campaign isn't working, I would be very thankful to learn about this!

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