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Finally, the campaign is starting!!!!

I can't believe that this campaign is finally starting! Here is the link for the campaign:

After doing a class, which told me what I should do and what I shouldn't do with a campaign, I finally have the confidence to make this happen. I am going to do everything that I can to make this into the company that I believe it can be.

This company is all about aligning our hands with your mind. By that, I mean that when you are painting digitally, if you had brushes that were the size you were using in the software, then you would naturally be able to painting easier and more naturally.

The second part of these brushes are that they will be able to work both on a canvas and digitally. Right now, such brushes are not made. This company will show a new level of art-tech for all of us.

Please share this blog, campaign, or anything else you want to share! I will post everything that happens with this campaign and the company. I have a disability. I have a brain injury and 5 years ago, I had to relearn every skill that I now have, including the entire language of English (aphasia). Don't feel bad for people with disabilities. Just watch as we can be incredible, truly!

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