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Updates for my Campaign!!!

So, I am still working on my campaign, and I made new updated posts in my campaign:

In these two updated posts, I wrote about changing my focus and how hard this can be after my brain injury. Before that post, I wrote about OCD and how, after more than a year, I finally found a way to help my OCD fears. I know that many people think OCD is funny because of shows like Big Bang Theory, but for those of us who have OCD, it can truly be horrifying.

Both posts are about learning how to solve your problems instead of being a victim. This isn't a new thought, but it is better than being a victim. Today, I watched a video posted in LinkedIn which showed a boy who looked about 11, was walking for the first time in his life. Instead of being a victim, he tried something new and because he did something new, he now has a part of his life that he probably never thought he would have. I love stories like this, stories in which people with disabilities are stronger than their problems.

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