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Working with incredible PR group

My campaign is going forward, and I am so happy that I have people to help me. I am very thankful for every person who has helped me with this campaign. I believe that we need to be more thankful for the people who have helped us with anything in our lives.

I worked with Press Farm,, and they gave me EXACTLY what I needed. This company gave me hundreds of emails for technology and art magazines and freelance journalists. They also gave me They also gave me twitter and LinkedIn links for people who work in both health and social worlds. Last, they gave me a list of emails were only from people who work in Nevada, where I live. I didn't even ask for that!

They gave me more emails than I even know what to do with, but I am VERY thankful for their work. You can start with this company for $90, and they will give you professionally designed press/media kit (up to 2 pages). This includes your company background, brand brief, vision, mission, your photos/videos, and more. They also will give you press release proofreading and review by our PR experts, personalized PR Action Plan (1 page) on strategies and PR industry trade secrets to maximize press coverage, tailor made PR media list of 500+ contacts by account executive for initial PR outreach, startup submitted to 25+ directories and review websites to improve your SEO and gain exposure - suitable for all companies, access 100 PR contacts per month from database of 75,000+ reporters, bloggers and influencers for continued press coverage for a full year, priority email support, press release proofreading and review by our PR Experts, and priority email support.

This company and these workers are helping me more than I can tell you with my campaign. I am going to keep working with them until this campaign gives me the money that I need to make an idea into a real company.

The last thing I will say about this company is that they even wrote a blog about my campaign, and they did this for free. They did this because they were thankful for work with me. Again, we need to be more thankful for the people who help us. I am thankful for Press Farm.

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